Monday, March 18, 2013

Long awaited* UPDATE*

So, it's 2013...and everyone is wondering how is JJ doing? Better yet, what has happened to his blog?
Well, JJ is still around and so is his Blog...we have been on a very long Hiatus, just do to life and things of that sort. So, We do extend a heartfelt apology  for our absence , but promise to keep you updated from here on out.
So, yes, in Dec. JJ  was hit hard with  the sudden death of his grandpa "PAW-PAW", whom he was extremely close with, and then in Jan. (January 25th to be exact) he turned 4, and we started school, so things around our camp are finally starting to settle down....Appreciate all of you for being so loving and patient.
Name: JJ
Age: 4
Faves: Thomas the Tank Engine, Sprout, balls (any color shape, size)

~~~Here are some much awaited pics from JJ-The life of our now 4 year old. LOL. Grow with us, won't you?


  1. He is cuter than a button and I think this blog , his participation in writing it will stir his imagination creativity as well as his his ability to articulate his feelings and abilities to skilfully write. Go head mama...he will be totally ready for whatever comes his way. Looking forward to watching the cutie grow!!!

    1. @Ms. Elaine, thanks so much. Let me just put it out there that JJ's mom is still in 100% control of the blog......The parents we moderate and edit our stories as well as what we share, BUT it is all about him and his exciting little life. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts...Please be sure and sign up and follow our blog TOO! xoxo.

  2. Replies
    1. @Cheryl Lester, thanks ma'am...He is :(
      Preciate you reading.

  3. My son loves Sprout! Cailou is his favorite next to anything with Elmo.

  4. @Jen Jen, Hi there! Thanks for reading.... Yes, JJ watches Sprout and Caillou is his absolute favorite!