Friday, January 6, 2012

Surgery UPDATE

So, on Dec. 6, 2011 our sweet JJ had corrective eye surgery. We opted for surgery after noticing a drifty, or lazy-eye circa 18 months of age. Today has been a month since surgery, and JJ and both eyes are better than EVER. He is officially healed and has been for about 3 weeks, He has a 6 week check up in 2 weeks, and will update on the Dr.s opinion of his healing time, but we claim victory and say he is healed by the tender mercy of God. We thank God for his speedy recovery and for shielding him, and us from any hurt, harm or danger. Amen. Here he is in pictures. Before and after surgery.


  1. When my son was burned it was horrible. No matter what reason, it's hard being in the hospital with your child.

  2. @Jen, sorry to hear your son was burned. I can only imagine that was tough. It was tough for us, and JJ had day surgery. Poor little guy had blood leaking from his tear ducts!!! I was so sad this day and for about a week after.